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Deliverable D5.4. Project dissemination kit, 5 minutes project video and HIGHWET. Wikipedia page

  • Activities

The objective of this document is to show general dissemination material...

Deliverable D5.5. Report of Training activities

  • Activities

Training material was developed.

High-rate anaerobic and constructed wetland systems for municipal and industrial wastewater

  • 6th International Symposium on Wetland Pollutant Dynamics and Control Annual Conference of the Constructed Wetland Association WETPOL, September 2015, Cranfield (UK),
  • Activities

The aim of the HIGHWET project, funded under the umbrella...

Design and performance evaluation of a highly loaded aerated treatment wetland managing effluents from a food processing industry in Denmark

  • Water Practice & Technology Vol 10 No 3,
  • Activities

Treating highly loaded industrial effluents are challenging....

Combination of high-rate anaerobic primary treatment and aerated constructed wetland system for municipal and highly loaded industrial wastewater treatment

  • IWA Newsletter January 2015,
  • Activities

Wastewater (WW) treatment of small populations, ...