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AIMEN Technology Centre is a non-profit private association that provides industry with R&D services in areas including environment, welding, materials and manufacturing processes, and Non-Destructive-Testing. AIMEN participates in numerous regional, national and international R&D&i projects. In the majority of cases in collaboration with the industry, both SMEs and large multinational companies that can be grouped into the following five research lines: Environment, Joining Technologies, Laser Technologies, Materials and Manufacturing Processes, Design and Simulation, and Non Destructive Testing.


  • Contact Person: Dr. Carlos A. Arias

The Department of Biological Sciences belongs to the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Aarhus (AU), the second largest University in Denmark with about 34 000 students. The research at the section of Plant Biology (Department of Biological Sciences) is focused on the ecophysiology of aquatic plants in streams, lakes and wetlands and the use of wetlands in water pollution control.


KILIAN is an engineering consultant company established in 1997 and dedicated to the establishment, research and developing of water related projects. KILIAN has built over 500 wastewater treatment solutions systems including constructed wetlands, evaporative systems, sand filters, composting toilets and infiltration systems. Additionally, to construction and development KILIAN activities include consulting, advising, design, development and maintenance of water related infrastructure. KILIAN also participates in training and teaching activities for professional water operators.


HUMIGAL (ES) is a novel spin-off company from University of A Coruña. Personnel involved in HIGHWET project have extensive knowledge in AD and CW applied to industrial and WW treatment. HUMIGAL also offers to the consortium its expertise in HUSB systems and HCW applied mainly to urban WW. Complementary skills between this SME and AIMEN and proximity (150 km) are the reasons why they both will install and run HIGHWET configuration one (HUSB + HCW) in HUMIGAL’s headquarters for urban WW. Its interest is focused on increasing the range of products and market share.

SEDAQUA is trademark of Humigal Sistemas Ecológicos de Depuración de Aguas S.L.


RIETLAND (BE) is a SME specialized in the design and building of CW. With international expert collaboration and advice (Naturally Wallace Consulting), they have implemented aerated vertical CW for urban WW treatment. This expertise will be very useful for new HIGHWET aerated HCWs and for VCWs considered in configurations 1 and 2. RIETLAND is interested in introducing aeration in AD and CW as a useful technology to improve organic and nutrient matter removal.


  • Contact Person: : Mr. Kaj Thomsen

KTFOOD is a company, located in the middle of Denmark. KTFOOD is a manufacturer of herring and pig fat into food products. KTFOOD environmental commitment is shown by the fact that they want to invest in a natural wastewater treatment system, even before the local government has required it.